Leading Providers Customer Experience Design Services Fr 2016 Healthcare

The health ecosystem, as considered in this PAC INNOVATION RADAR analysis, includes the life sciences manufacturing sector, the hospitals sector, the pharmacies sector (medicine retail), health insurance, and any public entities involved. The business models of all these sectors address patients’ stakes, which has an impact on patient experience design.

The analysis of patient experience design services in the health ecosystem covers two aspects:

  • Generic dimensions of analysis: related to channels of patient interaction assessment, patient data analyses, innovation capacities, competition analyses, design capacities, recommendation services, etc.
  • Dimensions of analysis specific to the health ecosystem: competitors in patient experience analysis, internal processing and its consequences on patient experience analysis, expertise combination analysis, best practice sharing between sectors, etc.

The PAC RADAR is an effective tool for the holistic evaluation and visual positioning of leading ICT service providers on local markets.

With the help of predefined criteria, PAC evaluates and compares providers’ revenue scope, development and market position in addition to performance and competencies within specific market segments.

Leading Providers Customer Experience Design Services Fr 2016 Healthcare

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