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The SAP-related RADAR

The PAC RADAR by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) is an effective tool for the holistic evaluation and visual positioning of ICT services providers on local markets.

PAC evaluated the providers of SAP Business Application-related Services in Germany and in Switzerland in different PAC RADAR analyses, each of which emphasizes a different service type but also overlaps with the other service types. Depending on their focus, the providers are positioned either in all or in selected PAC RADAR analyses.


PAC considered services for SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA, as well as for SAP’s SaaS applications, SAP HANA, the SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Leonardo.


SAP Consulting & Systems Integration


SAP Hosting

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SAP Application Management


SAP SaaS-related Services

PAC RADAR Leading Providers of SAP Services in Germany & Switzerland 2019

PAC RADAR Sample anonymized Providers
PAC RADAR SAP Services Cover

Methodology & Segmentation

PAC uses around 50-80 predefined criteria to assess and compare the providers within given service segments. The assessment is based on the report-card score within the peer group of the positioned providers.

After the evaluation of the pre-defined criteria, each supplier’s position is plotted in the PAC RADAR. All criteria are classified by clusters and can all be attributed to the “Competence” and “Relative Market Strength” main clusters. 
Within the PAC RADAR, the following applies: The closer a company is to the center, the closer they are to meeting customers’ requirements! The provider evaluation, including a market description and short company profiles, is published as a report. ​

Report-card Score
  • The provider’s detailed self-disclosure about resources, distribution, delivery, portfolio, contract drafting, pricing, customer structure, references, investments, partnerships, certifications, etc.;

  • An assessment of the provider by reference customers (to be obtained by the provider);

  • A poll among further customers by PAC;

  • The analysis of existing PAC databases;

  • Secondary research;

  • Dedicated face-to-face interviews as relevant.


If the provider does not participate, the assessment is performed using the proven PAC methodology, in particular based on;

  • Information obtained from face-to-face interviews with the provider’s representatives, analyst briefings, etc.;

  • Assessment of company presentations, company reports, etc.;

  • Assessment of PAC databases;

  • Assessment of earlier PAC RADARs in which the provider participated;

  • Poll among the provider’s customers (as required) on their experiences and satisfaction.

No submission

If no customer assessments are submitted, or fewer than the required number The overall assessment must include the number of customer assessments requested in the invitation.


Any missing customer assessments are scored as “satisfied”, i.e. they do not negatively affect the score. This produces an average score for criteria based on customer assessments.


The following PAC RADARs are available to download free of charge from the following providers:


SAP Hosting in Germany & Switzerland




Karsten Leclerque

Global Head Analyst of Cloud & Infrastructure Services Practice


Jannis Balgheim

Client Manager