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Azure IT Ecosystem 2022

About the company

ITS Group is a French IT Services provider having developed a unique expertise in infrastructure and IT operations management and capable of mobilising experts in various domains of IT to cover our customers’ project needs.

From outlining and rolling out end-to-end IT strategy to 24x7 Managed services, comprising modern workplace and mobile device management, process digitalisation and hybrid infrastructure management, we offer off-the-shelf solutions. Our aim is to guide our customers through every phase of their critical projects, empowering them with a 360° vision of transforming IT departments and organisations in global.

We design, deploy, run and optimise modern IT systems – scalable, reliable and efficient – with strong focus on enhancing business performance.

Our journey, that started 25 years ago with our founder and CEO Jean-Michel BENARD, has taken us to new heights by embracing and thriving on key domains of expertise such as multi-Cloud management, Cybersecurity and large-scale Automation.

Many of our oldest and most loyal customers are in the banking sector, yet over the years our customer base has expanded across all industries, including insurance, healthcare, transport, distribution, ISVs, manufacturing, telecommunications and services.

Our 1 400 employees are mainly situated in France, represented by 9 regional offices producing an overall revenue of more than 150M € in 2021.

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