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Open Digital Platforms
for the Industrial World
in Europe 2023

PAC assesses Europe's leading providers of open digital platforms for the industrial world across nine different assessments.

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Providers open digital
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"Digital platforms fulfill a dual purpose – they build the
fundament for IT/OT integration and for the efficient scaling of digital transformation initiatives. Scaling digital factory transformation initiatives is key to maximize efficiency gains in production. Execution needs a clear strategy and a dedicated team. As workforce engagement is a critical success factor, change management should be a core component of the strategy.

Arnold Vogt

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Principal Consultant and IoT Analyst


"Sustainability is highly relevant for the manufacturing sector and other industries, a multitude of different players has appeared on this fast-changing market. The established providers, on the one hand, have been offering their products and services for several years and have deep knowledge on environmental sustainability. On the other
hand, the new entrants (some bigger, some smaller) are fighting for their spot. Overall, the market for sustainability-related platforms is fast-paced and continually evolving. We expect there to be quite a few changes to the provider landscape over the coming months and years."

Mopia Kamdoum

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Kamdoum, Mopia_edited.jpg

Sustainability Analyst


In the broadest analysis of the vendor landscape for Open Digital Platforms for the Industrial World, PAC evaluates and compares Europe's leading providers across seven different assessments, including:

  • Cloud-centric industrial IoT,

  • Machine-edge-centric industrial IoT,

  • Factory-edge-centric IIoT,

  • Connected Workers (AR), 

  • Open-source-based IIoT,

  • Manufacturing as a service (MaaS),

  • Smart logistics services,

  • Industrial metaverse, and

  • Sustainability.


One of nine RADAR segments: PAC INNOVATION RADAR
Open Digital Platforms for Sustainability


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