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IoT Platforms for Industrial Devices in Europe 2018

PAC divides the market for IoT solutions into two basic areas, horizontal IoT platforms and vertical IoT solutions. Horizontal IoT platforms focus mainly on pure application enablement, while vertical IoT platforms go much deeper and also provide pre-developed vertical applications for use cases in specific contexts. Vertical IoT platforms cannot yet be found in all market segments, but they are starting to appear in some areas.


Existing IoT platforms actually do not support all client needs today. PAC has screened the market for IoT platforms, compared their capabilities and concluded that there is a category of IoT platforms available in the market that focus on specific horizontal use cases. We have identified four groups:

  • IoT platforms for device management;
  • IoT platforms for rapid application deployment;
  • IoT platforms for analytics applications;
  • IoT platforms for device development.


The PAC RADAR is a tool for the holistic evaluation and visual positioning of leading IT providers within a defined service segment on local markets.


In the PAC RADAR, the performance, competence and market position of the key providers in a service segment are assessed and compared using approx. 50 pre-defined criteria.

IoT Platforms for Industrial Devices in Europe 2018

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