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ServiceNow Services in Europe 2023

PAC conducted a benchmark analysis of the top ServiceNow service providers in Europe with an overall evaluation of their performance in the competitive market.“

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European enterprise organisations are transitioning their workflows to digital-centric ways of operating. These transitions are multi-faceted and complex in nature spanning many workflows across the breadth and depth of business processes internal and external to an organisation. The scale, complexity, and expertise required to re-engineer existing and adopt new workflows is a challenge benefitted by the assistance of a ServiceNow service provider. This study aims to provide enterprise buyers across Europe with the insights needed to shortlist the right ecosystem partners for their ServiceNow investments.” says Spencer Izard, Research Director at PAC and Lead Analyst of this PAC INNOVATION RADAR.

Spencer Izard

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Research Director

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An assessment of Europe's leading ServiceNow service providers across seven different workflows, including IT, HR, GRC, CSM, Security, and Creator, alongside an overall evaluation of the firm's performance in the competitive market.“


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