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Azure IT Ecosystem
in Europe 2022

PAC evaluates and compares 28 relevant IT Service providers around the Azure ecosystem in the European and French market.

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“Public cloud is one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry. We can expect companies in Europe to invest massively in Microsoft Azure capabilities over the next few years as they look to benefit from the scalability and tools the adoption of public cloud brings. This research will help those enterprises find the right IT service partner to support them on this important journey.”

Eric Beaudet

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Senior Consultant and Analyst


In this series of eight PAC RADARS, PAC assessed 28 IT service providers delivering Azure services in Europe. Two of them evaluate overall supplier’s capabilities according to geographical reach (Europe, France), two of them according to operational capabilities (Consulting & System integration, Outsourcing Services) and four according to specific technological capability (IaaS/PaaS & security, Data & AI, Application Modernization, Workplace services).


One of eight RADAR segments: PAC INNOVATION RADAR
Azure IT Ecosystem in Europe 2022


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