PAC RADAR Providers Sample

ICT executives & business decision-makers use the PAC RADAR

to classify and select ICT providers relevant to their topics and requirements

Provider long list: Select potential partners based on neutral and well-founded assessment, and build your sourcing strategy upon a solid foundation.

Neutral and well-founded arguments: The PAC RADAR supports you in backing up your arguments in internal provider selection.


Effective tools for the holistic evaluation and visual positioning of ICT services providers on local markets

Open Digital Platforms for the Industrial World in Europe 2020

Seven RADAR segments with focus on the vendor landscape around newly emerging topics in the context of digital platforms 



Open Digital Platforms

for the Industrial World

in Europe 2020

PAC evaluated providers of

AI-related services in Germany in eight different

PAC RADAR analyses

Providers of
AI-related Services
in Germany 2020



Providers of AI-related Services in Germany 2020



  • Providers of SAP-related Services 2021

  • Open Digital Platforms 2021

  • Providers of Public Cloud Platform-related Services 2021



The PAC RADAR supports ICT and business decision-makers in the evaluation and pre-selection of suitable ICT solutions or services providers within a specific segment on a local market. 


PAC uses predefined criteria to assess and compare the key providers’ performance, competence and market position based on PAC’s proven methodology. Depending on the scope and maturity of the solution or services segment considered, the evaluation is based on:


  • A detailed self-disclosure of resources, distribution, delivery, portfolio, contract design, pricing, customer structure, references, investments, partnerships, certifications, etc.; 

  • Dedicated face-to-face interviews;

  • The analysis of existing PAC databases, deal trackers, use case registers, etc.;

  • Secondary research;

  • An assessment of the provider by reference customers.


From the weighted evaluation of all criteria and the resulting overall score, each provider receives their characteristic positioning in the PAC RADAR. Here, the following applies: The closer a provider is to the center, the closer they are to meeting customers’ requirements.


The detailed provider evaluation, including a market description and short company profiles, is published as a PAC RADAR report.


Additionally, the PAC RADAR results are used as the basis for individual consulting projects for provider evaluation and pre-selection. All evaluated criteria can be weighted in line with the preferences and requirements of a specific company.

About us

The PAC RADAR by PAC is an effective tool for the holistic evaluation and visual positioning of ICT services providers on local markets.


Numerous ICT and business decision makers in user companies of all industries and company sizes rely on the PAC RADAR when selecting their partners and developing their sourcing strategies. 
With the help of approximately 50 pre-defined criteria, PAC evaluates and compares providers’ revenue scope, development and market position in addition to performance and competencies within specific market segments. Each PAC RADAR focuses on a specific IT services segment. Up to 20 leading providers are evaluated per segment. Participation in the PAC RADAR is free of charge.



Leading Providers of SAP Services German
Platforms IoT AR
CS&I Europe 2018
SaaS Providers Europe 2018
Consumption Ecosystem France 2017
Health Ecosystem France 2017
Public IaaS Germany 2017
Cloud Strategy Germany 2017
AWS Germany 2017
MS SaaS Germany 2017
MS IaaS Germany 2017
SAP SaaS Germany 2017
Salesforce Germany 2017

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