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IT Consulting & Services in Europe 2023

PAC conducted a benchmark analysis of the leading providers of sustainability-related IT consulting and services in Europe with an evaluation of their competitive strengths in various services areas and markets.

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“ESG regulations as well as increasing expectations from the society, clients, employees and business partners alike are putting businesses under pressure. Consequently, all of the leading IT service providers have not only made efforts to reduce their own carbon footprint but have developed specialized offerings to help their customers define, monitor, report and achieve their sustainability goals. These PAC RADAR analyses compare the leading providers’ competitive strengths and ability to support customers on their sustainability journey.”

Karsten Leclerque

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Head of Infrastructure and Cloud Services Practice


Europe‘s leading providers of sustainability-related IT consulting and services across different assessments, including sustainability of IT, with a specific focus on applications and on infrastructures, sustainability through IT, covering sustainability reporting and sustainability through IoT concepts, as well as specific markets, such as Germany, France and the UK, and the European banking sector.


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