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Open Digital Platforms
for the Industrial World
in Europe 2022

PAC assesses Europe's leading providers of open digital platforms for the industrial world across seven different assessments.

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"Manufacturing companies in Europe invest considerably in digital agility, openness and security. For this, PAC annually evaluates  the  vendor  landscape around open digital platforms for industrial purposes in the European market. The  focus of these RADARs  lies on differentiating  between different concepts and evaluating new  emerging  topics. This research will help those enterprises find the right partner to support them with their ambitions."

Arnold Vogt

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Principal Consultant and IoT Analyst


“In the broadest analysis of the vendor landscape for Open Digital Platforms for the Industrial World, PAC evaluates and compares Europe's leading providers across seven different assessments, including Cloud-centric IIoT, Machine-edge-centric IIoT, Factory-edge-centric IIoT, Connected Worker, Open-source-based IIoT, software-defined vehicles and robots, Secure zero-touch IIoT deployments.


One of seven RADAR segments: PAC INNOVATION RADAR
Open Digital Platforms for Software - defined Vehicles & Robots in Europe 2022


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