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Sustainability-Related IT Consulting & Services 2023

About the company

With around 28,000 employees worldwide and a revenue of 4 billion euros (2021), T-Systems is a leading provider of digital services. With their headquarters in Europe and local presence in selected core markets and strategic production locations, T-Systems provides services to its global clientele.

T-Systems is the market leader for IT services in Germany and has the largest market share in DACH region. They offer an end-to-end-portfolio for integrated IT services. This includes a variety of capabilities in consulting/advisory, digital solutions and infrastructure. Data sovereignty and security are at the core of these offerings. Focus industries are automotive, public sector, healthcare and public transport. To complement the portfolio for their clients, T-Systems works with leading technology partners.

Sustainability is an integral part of all these aspects, it is of high strategic importance for T-Systems.

T-Systems: committed to a more sustainable and climate-neutral future

T-Systems’ aim is to become a leading sustainable IT-provider and make significant contribution to reducing CO2e emissions, by speeding up their clients’ digitization journeys. T-Systems is continuously working on more sustainability in their own operations and delivering sustainability-supporting solutions for clients.

By 2025, T-Systems will be climate-neutral in corporate emissions). By 2040, T-Systems will be completely climate-neutral along its entire value chain.

T-Systems operates their own buildings and datacenters fully using green energy and leverages energy efficiency measures, like AI-supported well-water cooling and waste heat recovery. Amongst diverse further sustainability partnerships, T-Systems has joined the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact in 2021. T-Systems also involves their employees, e.g. through sustainability trainings and a global switch to an e-business fleet.

T-Systems´ sustainability portfolio also integrates advisory & consulting, digital solutions and infrastructure. This way, they can guide their clients through their holistic sustainability journey – considering all ESG dimensions - starting with their strategic set-up, the identification of their holistic carbon footprint and sustainability status quo as well as performance/progress tracking. T-Systems provides a profound set of industry-specific solutions to increase sustainability and reduce CO2e emissions. Several of them are already certified (#GreenMagenta-label) for their quantified impact. Furthermore, T-Systems has developed a tool which enables them to share the carbon-related effect of a client proposal – currently especially for cloud solutions.

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